Prosody update from 0.11 to 0.11.2
Fri - January 11, 2019 12:03 am  |  Article Hits:1260  |  A+ | a-
We have updated our Prosody server to its latest version. Within 0.11.2 the following changes are applied.
  • mod_csi_simple: Multiple enhancements to built-in ‘importance’ rules (fixes #1250)
  • mod_vcard_legacy: Limit injection of XEP-0153 to normal presence (fixes #1252)
  • util.datetime: Make sure timezone difference is calculated correctly (fixes #1262)
  • MUC: Fix traceback when requesting voice (fixes #1269) (thanks jonas’)
  • MUC: Adjust priorities of muc-get-default-role handlers (fixes #1272)
  • MUC: Allow changing data attached to an only owner (fixes #1273)
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to our experimental epoll (non-libevent) backend
  • util.stanza: Deserialize stanza without mutating input (fixes #711)
  • mod_mam: Only accept valid JIDs in and prefs. (fixes #1275)
  • util.pubsub: Restore subscription index from stored data (fixes #1281)
  • prosodyctl check: Add statisticsmanager settings to known global options
  • util.startup: Always reload logging after config (fixes #1284)
  • mod_posix: Don’t reload log files twice
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