XMPP over TOR hidden service

In this tutorial i will demonstrate how the configuration has to be done with the Pidgin instant messaging client and the Tor client. If you use another instant messanger the settings you have to do should be quite the same. First of all make sure you have Tor and your IM installed and running.

In your IM go to the proxy tab and choose "Tor/Privacy (Socks5)". In Host input field you have to put "" and in Port "9050". Goto "Advanced" tab and enter the .onion adress: nielxmppui7hbk7o.onion and Port "5222". Under the "Basic" tab choose the XMPP Protocol, in User your username e.g "testuser", in Domain enter "niel.site" and Password your Password. Thats all, you should now be able to connect to your xmpp profile over Tor's hidden service.

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