Hoster breakdown
Sun - August 2, 2020 5:57 pm  |  Article Hits:1168  |  A+ | a-
Hi folks,

I want to tell the incredible story of the last two weeks. So many unfortunate things have happened during that time! When my vacation started 2 weeks ago, everything went smoothly (again after some small interruptions of service!). But suddenly I received a message from my hoster that he will stop his service immediately. (I'm still trying to find out what happened.) After this message, my server went down, as promised, and I hurriedly searched for a new hosting provider to keep Prosody running on it. 

Even more unfortunate was that, since I was on vacation and didn't have my desktop PC with me with the security passwords on it, I was very limited in the actions I could perform to get the new server up and running again.

It happened, that almost two weeks after the breakdown, I was able to set up the web server again. Prosody was available again after ~2 days of disconnections.

I hope that after this mess you will return to my server and use it as normal as it was before. I am very unhappy about this series of unfortunate events and would like to apologize.

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