Prosody version running

niel.site XMPP server is running with the latest stable prosody version: 0.11.6

active XEP's:

...and more

Server-side security aspects

This domain's DNS are secured against data spoofing and corruption with DNSSEC

We do not use selfsigned ssl certificate for niel.site; We use Comodo PositiveSSL

Niel.site has optimized it's server-side encrpytion for TLS1.2

Connection between Server and Clients

client to server requires encryption

server to server requires encryption

secure authentication between servers

Archiving and storage

passphrase are hashed stored in database

default archive policy is turned off

archived** and offline messages expires after 3m

no user logging

Registration and use

one registration possible within 24h with the same IP address (stored IP autodeleted after 24h)

TOR hidden service under: nielxmppui7hbk7o.onion (guide here)

Upload max. size per user are 250 MB per two weeks. Uploads expire after two weeks

niel.site bosh url: https://niel.site/http-bind

niel.site websocket url: https://niel.site/websocket

**Default archiving is turned off, however clients can query messages to our sever if the client supports and allows it in the settings.

Community modules enabled

Get online status from users as image. For example to integrate in a website



As image: <img src="https://niel.site/userstatus/john.smith" /> As plane: https://niel.site/userstatus/john.smith/text As html: https://niel.site/userstatus/john.smith/html

Create your own MUC Batch to integrate in a Website

As image: <img src="https://niel.site/badge/support@rooms.niel.site" alt="support chat room">

chat login