Why would you choose our XMPP servers, among others? Because you care as much as we care for privacy and data security

In-band registrations are NOT available; alternatively, you can register your account here. Due to a high number of spam accounts, the number of registrations is limited to one per day per IP (To do so, the IP is stored in a secure database and auto-deleted afterone day).

Niel.site has it's own tor hidden service for even more secure chatting within our XMPP servers. Tor address: nielxmppui7hbk7o.onion. If you connect via Tor, use this address, it will allow you to avoid exit nodes and stay inside anonymized Tor network. Here is a guide how to setup your client to work with Tor's hidden service. To download TOR follow this link: Download Tor

Current certificate's SHA1 Fingerprint=73:42:72:68:11:4A:F6:1A:D0:78:CF:B4:2D:CC:F0:52:D6:61:64:E6 If your client asks you to accept some other certificate, do not allow it, since this may be a malicious activity from some third party.

By default, user-to-user messages archiving is turned off, except a client queries messages to our server. Offline messages are maximum stored for two weeks until they get deleted. Although we strongly advised to use OMEMO or Off-the-Record messaging, since we do not guarantee the safety of your data stored in other servers during conversation.

Since Niel's XMPP strictly follows XSF standards, there is no interoperability with Google services. We have set a nosniff header which prevents any kind of tracking, whether us nor third parties are able to collect data's from this domain.

Niel's XMPP supports DNSSEC, which makes chatting on our server even more secure and robust. Aswell are all our connections secured with TLS1.2. Other encryption protocols are not supported and connections between those clients or servers are refused. Check the latest DNSSEC specs here: dnssec-analyzer by verisignlabs.com aswell here for more detailed overview dnsviz.net. You can have a look at our server-side TLS1.2 encryption configuration here: ssllabs.com

We recommend the follwing desktop clients: Gajim, Pidgin, Adium. Niel.site is 100% XMPP compliant and supports all the features of Conversations client for Android, including OMEMO.

Last but not least: We do not save any user specific data permanently on this server!

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